Winter Escape

In winter, travel the Sahtu by snowmobile, skiis, or snowshoe.  Venture out with a group by snowmobile to visit the Canol Road project. Dodo Canyon’s waterfalls offer nature’s most spectacular ice sculptures.

Take to the trails. There are several kilometers of groomed cross-country trails in the Norman Wells area, and there’s an active ski club to welcome you.

Drive the ice road from Norman Wells to Tulita, or further afield to other Sahtu communities. You might encounter a small herd of caribou sheltering on a lake and browsing willows.

Go camping with experienced outdoors people. Dene guides offer experiences in the Sahtu wilds.  Try ice fishing in the afternoon, then curl up in a heated wall tent with a mug-up of tea, when the temperature dips way below zero.

Catch an ice hockey game on Great Bear Lake at Deline or in the big community arena. Youngsters still play here, where the game of ice hockey was first recorded in Canada, by British explorer Sir John Franklin, in the winter of 1825/26.